Coach Taylor: Lax Coach and Salsa Maker


Coach Bill Taylor retired from coaching high school lacrosse in 2011; however, when long-time friend and head Denison coach Mike Caravana asked him to take over the Granville program where his son Wyatt plays, he had no choice but to accept the job.

At 64 years old, Coach Taylor is the oldest head coach I have ever had, but he also might be the most energetic. He is a player’s coach, a guy that is very approachable and easy to talk to.

The part of coaching that I like most is working with and helping to develop players. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing raw talent develop to its fullest then molding the individual parts into a competitive functioning unit,” said Taylor.

He is a coach that is a dying breed. He can flip the switch from being a coach to a comedian instantly. He is known for giving ridiculous nicknames to his players, including: Wing-nut (Patrick Chaykowski), Flywheel (Wyatt Caravana), Peaches (me), Nails (Nate Miller), Pale Rider (Ryan Dickerson)  and many more.

In 1971 he started as a freshman at Denison University where he played football and lacrosse. He was a radio Broadcaster with WBUB-FM radio, a light designer for the DU Dance Department, and a Museum Assistant.  

“Back in his day the lacrosse team recruited athletes” said Taylor. Adding that the lacrosse coach wanted him to join his team because of his speed and athleticism.

“The guys taught me how to pass and catch and I soon feel in love with the game” said Taylor. Despite being a two-sport athlete, a collegiate rarity, Taylor still found time to maximize his liberal arts education by immersing himself in all sorts of clubs and college culture.

Before coaching for Granville, Taylor was the head coach in several Columbus area schools; first at Westerville North where he started the program, and then at St. Charles from 2004-2011.

One of the most interesting things about Coach Taylor are his hobbies. He has his own line of barbecue sauce which is a raspberry/habanero combination. Coach Taylor is not a “cookie cutter” guy; he doesn’t follow the normal path of people and he felt the same way about his passion for sauce.

Someday I’d like to own a small BBQ joint and sell brisket, ribs, pulled pork and my sauce. You provide your own bread and sides” said Taylor.

The sauce has a picture of his own face on it and I can say from personal experience that it is the best barbecue sauce you will ever have.


Jake Purdy

Jake is a senior and a first year member of the BluePrints staff. He joined the staff so he could expand his horizons in writing. He works for Stray Dog Strength and is a member of the football and lacrosse team. Jake started the JV Physics Club as a sophomore, and enjoys listening to Drake and Lil Uzi Vert in his free time. Upon graduation, Jake plans to attend West Virginia University.

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