Pizza review: Donatos


When I first took a step inside I immediately looked around and noticed the same brick walls and tall ceilings that remained from Brew’s and it gave me a sort of comfort knowing that not much has changed. The service was great and the employees were accommodating.

On the menu, they have oven-baked subs, salads and sides like wings, bread sticks and their seasonal stuffed halloweeños (jalapenos). You can even create your own pizza  by choosing from a variety of delicious toppings. Although you should visit the newly renovated Donatos with your family and friends, you can also have your order delivered. (740) 920-4774

I ordered the classic pepperoni and did not regret my decision. The super thin crust was crisp, pairing perfectly with the sweet sauce and savory pepperoni. Along with that I had the asiago cheese bread hot out of the oven and the gooey cinnamon bread topped with a drizzle of vanilla icing. Pepperoni pizzas cost $4.79 for an individual (7 in),  $8.99 for a small (10 in), $10.99 fro a med (12 in), and $13.49 for a large (14 in). 

Donatos Pizza is located on 116 E Broadway Street in downtown Granville. This chain pizza company took over after Brews Cafe closed and left much of the building the same. This Donatos is owned by S&C Restaurant, a family owned company who also owns restaurants on 21st Street in Newark, Hebron Road in Heath and one near Buckeye Lake.



Kylee McFarland

Kylee is a senior and first-year member of the BluePrints staff. She joined the class to learn more about how to interview and create an interesting story about her community. She runs on the track and cross country team and enjoys activities like hiking and kayaking.

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