No Shave November


No Shave November has been a big tradition throughout men’s culture in the last decade. The competitive side of guys comes out when debating who can last the longest without shaving their beards.

According to No Shave November, No Shave November was first started by a group of men living in Australia in 2004. They did it as a unique way to bring awareness to prostate cancer. It is to show the appreciation for being able to grow hair since many cancer patients lose theirs.

No Shave November starts at the beginning of the month and goes until the end. The rules are simple:Participants cannot shave their faces until November is over. Many guys take on the challenge by letting their facial hair roam free.

“Why not? If you are man enough to grow it, then grow it,” junior Tommy Wolfe said.

Many guys enjoy the excuse of not having to shave for an entire month in  attempt to grow a beard, but taming the beard can be a challenge.

“I don’t like when my facial hair gets too long; it becomes curly and I do not own any products to help with it,” junior Colin Freeman said.

Properly taking care of your beard can be a big challenge for some guys. Cleaning it constantly and being able to properly trim your beard is a major key. If you are going to be trimming your beard without professional help, be sure to have professional grade equipment, according to All About Beards. 

Even though men appreciate their facial hair, some girls have a different opinion about the tradition. Many girls dislike the look of facial hair on guys. The tradition of No Shave November is not a favorite amongst the girls.

“I don’t like no shave November because I do not like facial hair,” junior Keirston Maybury said. “It is not my favorite look.”

Junior Alex Rosenberg chimed in by expressing her opinion on the idea of not shaving.

“When guys do not shave their beards it is gross. They look messy and like they just got out of bed,” said Rosenberg.

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